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THE MOD TALK - how to credit in keywords..??

Hey people, I want everyone to read this!!

I decided to do it because some people are having troubles with crediting the icon makers, which shouldn't be read as their bad intention, because a lot of the times they simply don't know how to do it. A credit is important - the makers spend a lot of time working on their designs & it's always really nice if their work is being appreciated.

Step one:

Image hosted by

If you can't find it go to "Manage" & then to "User Pictures" or copy/paste this link to your browser & you'll be in the right place:

Step two:

This is what you'll find on the site. You upload the icon & type in the username of the maker either as a keyword or as a comment to the icon.

Image hosted by

Step three:

This is an example of how to credit. You type in Image hosted by & it will turn into a link to their journal.

Image hosted by

Step four:

You can go to your UserInfo now & click on the your default icon (which you'll find in the top right corner).
And this is how the whole things looks like eventually:

Image hosted by

Not that bad, eh?? Now you can try out your new ability of crediting. Hehe.

Have a nice day,
Sandra xoxox
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